The Maine CoC is still in need of $792,221 in leveraging for the 2013 HUD competitive application process.  Please refer to the  Leveraging Spreadsheet Column J for each projects total leveraging contribution:  Leveraging Spreadsheet 1-17-14

HUD will award up to 5 points to CoCs that demonstrate the extent to which the amount of assistance to be provided to the CoC will be supplemented with resources from other public and private sources including mainstream programs. CoCs that have 100% participation in all project applications (including only those projects that have commitment letter(s) on file that are dated within 60 days of the CoC application deadline and that have a minimum of 150% leveraging will receive the maximum points.

The following document provides HUD’s definition and example of in-kind leveraging

Leverage 101 with letter forAll CoC Projects UPDATED 11 15 12 (2)

It is important that each project provide leveraging for the 2013 application.  If your agency is able to adjust the amount of leveraging in your project application, please e-mail me at   and I will release your project application back to you.  Released project applications must be re-submitted in e-snaps NO LATER THAN Friday, January 24, 2014 at 5:00 pm.

In addition,  projects requested the link to State Executive Order 12372 Process.

Thank you!