The MCOC Steering and Project/Monitoring Committees have completed the ranking process for the 2013 application and the link to the results is below. The Steering and Project/Monitoring Committees carefully considered HUD’s priorities, as well as its own priorities which were adopted earlier by the MCOC.  Those priorities include, reduction of SSO and services funded by HUD, reducing TH and the future expansion of PSH and RRH, bonus for not placing SSO’s in Tier 1, points for performance based projects and significant plans for solving homelessness.  The MCOC also recognizes that TH for youth, domestic violence and veterans are a priority and were tiered accordingly.  The Steering Committee made a recommendation to the MCOC using a template that ranked projects based on HUD’s priorities, MCOC’s priorities, along with performance in order to maximize the most of its available dollars. The results were presented to, and voted on for approval by the MCoC at the monthly meeting on the 16th.

 Please feel free to contact Virgina Dill, Donna Kelley or Heather Rhoda, if you should have questions regarding the ranking process.

 Copy of 2013-COC-Project-Ranking-FINAL-1-16-14