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Reminder: MCOC 10-18-18

This is a reminder that the Maine Continuum of Care will be meeting on Thursday, October 18, 2018 from 1:00PM to 3:00 PM. Please see the agenda for a list of video conferencing locations. Please use the call-in option only if you cannot make it to one of the video sites.

MCOC will be accepting nominations to fill our Region One Tri-Chair position. Nominees must be MCOC members in good standing, meaning they are eligible to vote at MCOC meetings. If you are not sure the person you wish to nominate is eligible, please contact Vickey Rand or Awa Conteh to confirm their status. Also, please confirm with the person you wish to nominate that they are willing and able to commit to the time and energy required of this role. Please forward the nominee’s name, agency, and contact information to  Vickey  or Awa.


DRAFT 9-13-18 MCOC Minutes

State and Federal Legislation Update 10.1.18


SHC Meeting October 9, 2018

This is a reminder that the Statewide Homeless Council will be meeting on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 at MaineHousing, 353 Water Street in Augusta. There is also a call-in option for those not able to attend in person. Minutes here are from June and July, there was no SHC meeting in August. September minutes will be posted once approved.

SHC Agenda 10.9.18

SHC Minutes 6-12-18

SHC Minutes 7-10-18

Introduction to Hope Harbor Feasibility Study – Repurposing Cruise Ships for Housing

Hope Harbor Information posted  at the request of Ken Capron.

What:  Planning a Feasibility Study on Repurposing Cruise Ships for Homeless Housing, Affordable Housing, Workforce Housing, Immigrant Housing and related Social Services, Education, Job Training and more.

Where:  Room 24 in the dungeons of Portland City Hall  (Halloween is just a month away!)

When: 1:00 to 3:00pm on October 2

Who: Ken Capron, Founding Director of MemoryWorks

Why: To inform potential stakeholders about the vision and opportunity for adding 400 units of housing (800 beds). To apply for a grant for a feasibility study to explore the opportunities presented by repurposing a cruise ship to serve as housing and social services in any waterfront community with high levels of housing needs.

Who should attend: anyone involved in serving the specified populations (homeless, low resource, workforce, immigrant) with housing and social services; anyone who might be interested in being involved in the project and related travel. Housing and homeless subject matter experts. Those considering options for affordable housing. And anyone willing to explore a unique form of funding to be included in the study.

The 2018 MCOC NOFA Application and Project Priority Listing

The Maine Continuum of Care Consolidated Application for HUD Homeless Assistance Program Funding and the accompanying Project Priority Listing for 2018 are now complete!

Thank you to EVERYONE who worked so hard – whether on the CoC level application, one or more project level applications, participating on committees or in discussions at various meetings – to help us collect and assemble all the information that goes into this final product.

(please note, the documents have been updated since original post)

MCOC 2018 NOFA Application

MCOC 2018 NOFA Project Priority Listing

MCOC Meets THIS WEEK! DRAFT NOFA & Monitoring Results

The Maine Continuum of Care will be meeting on Thursday, September 13, 2018 from 1:00 to 3:00 – one week earlier than usual so that we can approve this year’s NOFA application prior to the submission deadline on September 18th.

The Bangor Library was not available for this meeting but other Tandberg Locations are, and there is a call in number as well.

For those  calling in to the Maine Continuum of Care Meeting this month, please use this number: 866-6426  – not the one on the agenda – sorry for any confusion.

The most current version of the Application is also attached for your review prior to the meeting. We will not have time to go over every part of this during the meeting so if you have questions or concerns please send them to Scott or one of the chairs so we can be prepared to summarize and resolve them as quickly as possible.


DRAFT 8-16-18 MCOC Minutes

State and Federal Legislation Update 9.5.18

FY2018 MCOC NOFA Application 9-7-18

Final Monitoring Threshold 9.10.18