HUD has issued the Grant inventory Worksheet and instructions instructions to Continuum of Cares (CoC), collaborative applicants, and project recipients for the verification and reconciliation process for the FY 2014 Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW). The role of the CoC is to review, verify, and, if necessary, correct the information provided in the GIW.  As HUD bases its funding decisions for the FY 2014 renewal award on the amounts indicated on the GIWs, it is imperative that ALL projects eligible for renewal are on the worksheets and the amounts indicated are correct.

CoCs must identify discrepancies, ensure correctness, provide missing information, affirm that ALL eligible renewal projects are listed, and verify completeness of all of the requested information on the GIW.

The GIW MUST be returned to HUD no later than July 25.  MaineHousinng is the collaborative applicant and must submit the GIW on behalf of the MCOC.  All project applicants must notify Paula Paladino at Maineousing (624-5706) by 4:00 pm on Thursday, July 24th of any changes to their project so that it can be submitted on the 25th.

Here is the GIW: FY 2014 GIW for ME-500

and here are the instructions:

FY 2014 CoC GIW Instructions – FINAL