As requested by the CoC Board, MaineHousing has prepared draft HUD System Performance Measure reports to be reviewed at the CoC Meeting tomorrow.

Because of the large file size, we cannot attach them to an email for distribution,  therefore we are posting them here on (links in the post immediately prior to this one) and on  for easy access.

There is one report (0704) that was too large to post here, but it is available on the site, along with the rest:

We are on a very tight timeline to identify data errors on the new Data Quality Framework reports and correct any data quality discrepancies. As a reminder, in regard to the Data Quality Framework reports, which will be part of the AHAR and CAPER, there are only three fields that are required this year’s System Performance Measures Report; Number of Stayers, Number of Leavers and Destination. Please focus on those fields in your reveiw to ensure they are complete and accurate. We are asking that this first review be accomplished by May 24th, so we can run the final draft for the CoC to review and approve by May 26th. Final data entry into HDX will then begin on May 30th for the reporting deadline of May 31st.

If you have any questions please contact Scott Tibbitts or Mary Wade at Mainehousing. Thank you!