This is a reminder that there are 2 nominations for the one available MCOC Tri-Chair position:

Melody Fitch from the Family Violence Project
Donna Kelly from Kennebec Behavioral Health.

Members are asked to send their vote via e-mail to Awa Conteh or Steve Ellis by 4:00 PM Friday October 23, 2015. Their email information is below.

Please remember that we track attendance by Agency, not by Individual, so your agency must have been represented at at least 3 of the previous 6 meetings in order to be eligible to vote. Awa and Steve have the most recent attendance list in order to determine who is currently are eligible to vote. Votes cast by agencies that are not currently eligible will not be counted.

Also, there is only one vote per agency so please indicate your agency when submitting your vote. If two or more individuals from the same agency submits votes, and vote the same way, only one will be counted. If they cast different votes, they will be contacted to determine which one vote should be counted for their agency.

Because the security features of this site do not allow email address to be posted as is, you will need to type these in, or copy and remove the spaces.