Here are some updates from today’s meeting:

  1. Tri-Chair nominations:  Donna’s term is up in October and the MCoC is accepting nominations for this position.  Members can self-nominate if interested or you can nominate members by contacting either one of the tri-chairs or Paula at MaineHousing.
  2. There was discussion about the CoC leadership team becoming the MCoC board.  The members of this group represent the MCoC, PCoc, Statewide and all three regional councils and are a mix of rural/urban areas.  Please see the previous MCoC post about the Steering Committee notes which lists the names of the members of this group.
  3. As suggested, below are the links to the CoC Interim Rule and the HUD guidance on Establishing and Operating a Continuum of Care. Both of these contain the expectations about creating a Board of Directors for the CoC.
  4. Please review the information below and come prepared to discuss this in more detail at the next MCoC meeting:

2012 CoC Program Interim Rule