The Maine Continuum of Care NOFA Committee will be meeting on Friday, July 20, 2018 from 11:00 to 2:00 in the Back Bay Conference Room, City of Portland Social Services Office, 196 Lancaster Street to discuss and work on this year’s HUD Homeless Assistance Program Funding Application.

We invite anyone interested in helping with this effort to join us!

There is also a “Go To Meeting” remote connection option for those not able to attend the meeting in person. Please click on the links, below, for more information and materials to be reviewed at the meeting. The DRAFT NOFA App included here contains last year’s answers (yellow highlights) as a starting point for further discussion.

1) MCOC GoToMeeting Link

2) Summary of NOFA COM 7-13-18

3) MCOC Guide to Filing a Local Appeal 2018

4) MCOC Guide to Filing a HUD Appeal 2018

5) Appeals Process edited from MCOC Gov 2018

6) Selection Committee schedule a potential volunteers_ (004)

7) 7-20-18 DRAFT MCOC 2018 NOFA App