During the MCOC Meeting tomorrow, Leah will be conducting an abbreviated version of the After Action Review (AAR) that was part of our recent ESHAP Navigator Training. The purpose of the AAR is to evaluate and learn from feedback provided by those who have direct experience with a project, process or event. The information and insights from the Navigator AAR were reviewed by the CoC Board, and they asked that Leah bring this exercise to the full MCOC.

Ideally, an AAR is a lively and interactive discussion.  However, given the large number of people who call-in to our meetings, that format is not practical. In order to collect information from as many MCOC members as possible, Leah has created a Survey Monkey version of the AAR questions. Please join the MCOC meeting tomorrow to hear more details, then copy and paste this link into your internet browser search bar to provide your feedback: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BBK8Y3N

The AAR consists of 4 Questions:

Question 1: What was supposed to happen in Coordinated Entry?

Question 2: What actually happened?

Question 3: Why was there a difference (between the plan and the actual result)?

Question 4: What will we do next time (the same, and differently)?