Point in Time Data has been entered in the HDX (Homeless Data Exchange), though not yet submitted to HUD. The deadline for submission is Monday, May 1st. This information is being posted to give CoC Members an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Portland CoC members will be reviewing their reports at today’s PCOC meeting. MCOC will not be meeting again before the deadline. Therefore, I will need to hear from MCOC members directly. Please email me at stibbitts @ mainehousing. org (there are spaces in this address here so it won’t get phished) to let me know if you APPROVE submitting this as is or if you have any questions. I will need to hear from a sufficient number of members in order to consider this officially approved.  Thank you!


MCOC 2017 PIT Summary

MCOC 2017 PIT Subpopulations


MCOC 2017 PIT Veterans

MCOC 2017 PIT Youth

MCOC 2017 PIT Methodology

PCOC 2017 PIT Summary

PCOC 2017 PIT Subpopulations

PCOC 2017 PIT Veterans

PCOC 2017 PIT Youth