Hope Harbor Information posted  at the request of Ken Capron.

What:  Planning a Feasibility Study on Repurposing Cruise Ships for Homeless Housing, Affordable Housing, Workforce Housing, Immigrant Housing and related Social Services, Education, Job Training and more.

Where:  Room 24 in the dungeons of Portland City Hall  (Halloween is just a month away!)

When: 1:00 to 3:00pm on October 2

Who: Ken Capron, Founding Director of MemoryWorks

Why: To inform potential stakeholders about the vision and opportunity for adding 400 units of housing (800 beds). To apply for a grant for a feasibility study to explore the opportunities presented by repurposing a cruise ship to serve as housing and social services in any waterfront community with high levels of housing needs.

Who should attend: anyone involved in serving the specified populations (homeless, low resource, workforce, immigrant) with housing and social services; anyone who might be interested in being involved in the project and related travel. Housing and homeless subject matter experts. Those considering options for affordable housing. And anyone willing to explore a unique form of funding to be included in the study.