As discussed at the various stakeholder meetings, Statewide Homeless and Regional Homeless Councils, MaineHousing will be amending the Homeless Rule and has began the Rulemaking process. The process will include distributing three separate documents that cover sections of the Rule that we will be amending. The sections will cover;

1. Eligible Applicants and Emergency Housing Standards

2. Allocation and Disbursements

3. Data, Reporting and Monitoring

The documents for the 2nd set of documents that cover the concepts for the Allocation and Disbursements section of the Homeless Solutions Rule can be found at:

Included in these documents are also Examples of the proposed concepts and a Shelter Funding Scenario based upon the assumption that ALL shelters will be eligible for all the suggested models. All documents pertaining to the Rule are also posted on the website at the link above.

We are seeking your feedback and input to the concepts we will be proposing and have established a timeline for release and draft of the new proposed Rule. The first section will be released March 18th; the second section April 13th; and the third section May 8th. We will be drafting the Rule in June and a Public Hearing will soon follow. We are hoping that the final Board approval and acceptance will be completed by the end of October.

Thank You.