Yesterday, HUD formally announced the Tier 1 Awards from the 2019 Continuum of Care NOFA Applications. This announcement included projects that were fully or partially in the Tier 1 portion of the Project Rankings, CoC Planning Projects, & DV Bonus Projects. There will be another announcement at some point regarding Tier 2. The HUD announcement, including links to the list of all awards, appears at the bottom of this post. The following Maine Continuum of Care Projects were awarded a total of $13,121,165 in this announcement.

The last three projects in the above list were not included in Tier 1 of the MCOC Project Ranking, but Planning Projects are not scored and ranked like other projects, and the Preble Street and Through These Doors Projects were awarded DV Bonus funding, which HUD stated in the NOFA could be awarded along with either the Tier 1 or Tier 2 announcements. The Maine Rapid Re-Housing TBRA project fell on the Tier 1/Tier 2 line in our Project Ranking. The Tier 1 portion was awarded funding in this announcement. The remaining amount ($380,163) is in Tier 2, along with the five Renewal and three New projects listed below.

On behalf of MaineHousing, as Collaborative Applicant, and the Board and Chairs of the Maine Continuum of Care: Congratulations to the agencies that were awarded funding as part of this announcement, and we hope to be sharing good news regarding the Tier 2 projects very soon.