This is a reminder of today’s MCoC Meeting. Due to a water main break on Water St. and the ice jams on the river, MaineHousing will be closing at noon. Therefore the location for the meeting in Augusta has changed.

Today’s meeting will be held at the Maine State Library on the first floor in room 307 so that we can utilize the Tanberg Conferencing equipment to connect with the Lewiston Library today. For today’s meeting these are the only two Tanberg locations available. If you wish to attend the Augusta meeting, the Maine State Library is located at 230 State Street here in Augusta. The Lewiston Public Library Location is at 200 Lisbon St. in Lewiston.

If you plan to call in to the meeting, the call in number for today’s meeting is 866-6433. In the unlikely event this number does not work, at 1:05 you can call another number we have planned as a back up:
Call 866-316-1519 and use the passcode of 9284 295# if the 866-6433 does not work.

Here are the  Annual Shelter Statistics Reports:

2015 Shelter Vet Stats Summary

2015 Maine Shelter Veterans Report

2013-2015 Shelter Bed Night and Utilization Comparison

2015 Annual Shelter Bed Night and Utilization Comparison