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Home Programs Resources Training   Protecting People Experiencing Homelessness from Extreme Heat and Other Climate Risks People experiencing homelessness, particularly those living in unsheltered situations, are especially vulnerable to the impacts of extreme heat and other climate change. These risks among people experiencing homelessness are increased due to lack of access to water, places to cool off, and lack of access to medical care. As we move into summer and extreme heat events increase in frequency and intensity due to global warming, many communities are unexpectedly facing temperature emergencies. Communities are encouraged to plan for upcoming heat events and work to mitigate the impacts of extreme heat and climate risks.  

Resources These resources may help your community plan for, or respond to, an infectious disease outbreak:

Heat Emergencies for People Experiencing Homelessness
Air Quality Emergencies for People Experiencing Homelessness

View additional resources on the Extreme Heat page.  

Questions? Questions about preventing and managing the spread of infectious diseases for people experiencing homelessness should be submitted to the HUD Exchange Ask A Question (AAQ) portal.