The Maine Continuum of Care Coordinated Entry Committee has been working to draft a new assessment tool to be used in the assessment portion of Coordinated Entry System (CES) and we want your feedback

The need to draft a new tool came to be with the phasing out of the VI-SPDAT due to equity concerns.  It has come to light that questions used to score the vulnerability for participants were not generating equitable responses for BIPOC populations and therefore the CE committee needed to come up with a new way to gain insight into a participants housing barriers and safety vulnerability.  This resulted in the CE Committee’s draft of an assessment tool to replace the VI-SPDAT.

Attached is the draft assessment tool and a list of questions the committee is seeking input on. Also, please watch this short video that will give insight to Coordinated Entry from a HUD perspective as well as where we are in Maine in the CES design.

If you are unable to attend a scheduled feedback session or if you feel more comfortable providing your input through a survey can access the survey here: . The questions in the survey are the same as those in the attached discussion questions.