The following information and materials are proved to help participating agencies and volunteers prepare for and conduct this year’s Point-in-Time count of people experiencing homelessness in the state of Maine later this month. If you have questions about conducting the count please contact

There are two training videos available on the HMIS Training site. One is for HMIS Sheltered populations and one is for Unsheltered populations and non-HMIS participating programs.

For those using HMIS, PIT information will be drawn from your regular data entry. For Non-HMIS programs and volunteers conducting Unsheltered/Outreach data collection, please use the following forms, as appropriate. Each type of Survey has a Reference Sheet explaining how to collect the information.

There are also two handouts, one for Veterans and one for Victims of Domestic Violence, that we are asking PIT volunteers to provide to those they encounter who may need this information.

Thank you for your interest in Maine’s 2020 Point-in-Time Count!