SNAPS Weekly Focus

Here are the links to the SNAPS Weekly Focus articles which are designed to help applicants plan and prepare for the annual NOFA submission.

Giving Priority to Chronically Homeless Persons

Guest Blog: Working Together to End Homelessness

Why Coordinated Assessment is Critical to Ending Homelessness Locally

 Leveraging Mainstream Services Funding

NN4Y Framework to End Youth Homelessness

Collaborating to Combat Homelessness Among Veterans

Adopting a Housing First Approach

What about Transitional Housing?

Guest Blog: Building Partnerships to End Homelessness

Working Together To End Homelessness

SNAPS Weekly Focus “Changing the Way We Do Business”


The SNAPS Office has traditionally used the annual Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Homeless Assistance Competition to communicate and implement our policy priorities in a given year.  The implementation of the new programs authorized under the HEARTH Act has given us an opportunity to review our past practices and identify what we have done well in the past, and what we need to improve going forward.  For the first time in 2013, HUD will precede the release of the NOFA with a 10-week communication strategy in which we focus on a particular topic or priority each week.

Changing the Way We Do Business


OneCPD-SNAPS Weekly Focus: Considering the Needs of Families and Youth

OneCPD has a new announcement “SNAPS Weekly Focus: Considering the Needs of Families and Youth” A must read article

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Link to read – SNAPS Weekly Focus: Considering the Needs of Families and Youth”