We are very close to finalizing the 2021 Maine Continuum of Care Application for Funding – but we are not done yet! There are still a few items we need to complete, which we hope to have in place very soon. The deadline for submission to HUD is November 16th, but we would like to send this off as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are the PDF versions of the very close to done Application and Project Listing. The way these get formatted when converted to PDFs is a bit clunky, so it is sometimes difficult to tell if there should be a number or a date in any given box or not. The narrative answers are easier to find, if not easier to read – there are strict character limits on these, so we often have to resort to acronyms, abbreviations, and ampersands to try to fit as much information as possible into those spaces. Grammar is often sacrificed in this process. There are red boxes detailing the answers or items that still need to be added in – but don’t panic – we have folks working on those sections. Please review these documents and bring any questions or suggestions to the MCOC Board Meeting this afternoon or send them to us at the CoC Help Desk We appreciate your input! Thanks!