Just a quick reminder that tomorrow’s Maine Continuum of Care meeting from 1:00 to 3:00 will be conducted via GoToMeeting ONLY – there will be no group gathering locations for this meeting. If you have a webcam, feel free to use it, but you do not need one to participate, and simply calling in is still an option. We have not tried this before with so many people, so please bear with us if there are technical difficulties.

The GoToMeeting link and Call-in number are listed at the top of the Agenda in the previous post.

We expect to spend a good part of the meeting discussing the Coronavirus and sharing information about best practices agencies can implement to better protect their clients and their staff. However, we realize that many of you will have things to do that seem more important than attending this meeting. Therefore, this meeting will not be factored into our attendance calculations for voting or funding purposes.

Be well – stay safe!