If have not yet completed your renewal application for the Maine CoC NOFA application, this is a reminder that it is due by 5:00 pm today.   Here is a listing of the 22 projects that have been submitted as of 12:00 pm today:

City of Bangor: PRA Northside, TRA Consolidated 8714, 8715, 8715

OHI Chalila Apartments

Maine HMIS

Maine Planning Grant

YCS Smith Transitional, Within, and Brand New Day

KBH Mid Maine Supported Housing

Millbridge Harbor

Tedford 19 Pleasant St.

Maine 1-13, 2-13, SB SH 13, Penobscot 1-13, SB YCS 13

CHOM Permanent Housing for Homeless Veterans

Shaw House: Tenant Education, Waterworks, Outreach