The logistics of getting 2 doses of vaccine to 300 million people are truly daunting.  But a number of us have been talking about the issues involving in getting them to the homeless populations we serve and the challenges are even greater.

We have been discussing it and we decided to reach out to organizations  like yours to share our thoughts, solicit your ideas and generally work together to develop and share  ideas and checklists and work together to make sure everyone can access the best resources our community can produce.

We have developed a survey to gather the initial information and we earnestly hope you can participate.

If you know any other people who would be interested, please send me their contact information including email and I will reach out to them.  Or, you can forward them this message and have them reach out to me with “Add Me” to the list.

Thank you for the work you do!

Dennis E. Brown

Chief Technology Officer

2-1-1 Orange County