Dear Maine COC Grantees,

At its last meeting, the Maine COC Board approved the use of the monitoring forms attached herein. The Project Committee had mandated each project to submit copies of APRs and monitoring materials within 30 days of submitting an APR to HUD, but we do understand that many projects have been waiting for a final decision regarding monitoring tools that lead to not submitting information as required.  Now that the documents have been approved, all projects that fall within this requirement must submit the materials listed below by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 4th, 2018.  Not submitting your information by the deadline will reduce your monitoring score.

In previous years, all projects were required to submit HMIS letter grade/scorecard reports for monitoring.  Since that report is not accurate at the moment, projects are not required to submit this report until it is corrected by the MaineHMIS team.

Please provide the requested information listed below, for each of your projects that will be renewed this year:

  1. A completed monitoring form (IN MICROSOFT WORD, NOT PDF)
  2. Most recent APR (most are in Sage, but few are also in Esnaps)
  3. A copy of your HMIS APR (CSV APR report uploaded to Sage or regular HMIS report for Esnaps APRs)
  4. A copy of your project Application corresponding to the APR

Please send the requested information to the following email recipients:

(Donna Kelley)

(Gail Garrow)

(Awa Conteh)

In the event the designated email recipient for your agency is not available to complete this task by the deadline, please forward this email to someone else who can.  If you have questions, please contact Donna Kelley or Gail Garrow for more information.

Thank you.

Project Monitoring Process outline final 2017-2018

Full Project Review Form

Adjusted Project Review Form

MCOC Monitoring Form Finalized 11.16

Monitoring Form Questions and Associated APR Questions final 1.18