The Maine Continuum of Care is electing a new Tri-Chair to serve a three year term of office. There are two excellent candidates vying for the position: Veronica Ross, of The Opportunity Alliance, and William (Bill) Higgins, of Homeless Voices for Justice. Each has submitted a brief statement, below, for your consideration.

Only MCOC member agencies in good standing are eligible to vote, and there can be only one vote per agency, so make sure you confer with your co-workers! Please email your vote to Awa, Vickey and Scott  before December 10th so we can announce the winner at the next MCOC meeting.

(If you are not sure if your agency is in good standing, please ask, and yes, votes must go to all three, Awa, Vickey and Scott. This website scrambles email addresses so if you need them, contact Scott at stibbitts at mainehousing. org and I will send you the info.)

From Veronica:

My name is Veronica Ross. I have been with TOA for over 17 years working with our HUD funded programs in a variety of capacities, everything from direct care to APRs and Esnaps applications.  I have been an active participant in the CoC for many years, involved in all aspects of the PCoC and with the merger I have been a part of writing the NOFA, member of the Data, Monitoring, Coordinated Entry, NOFA and a member of the BOD.

I feel that my long history with the CoC would make me an asset for the MCoC as a Tri-Chair. In addition I have a reputation of being highly organized, collaborative and responsive; qualities I feel are necessary for a tri-chair position. I appreciate the nomination and thank you for your consideration.

From Bill:

William Higgins served on the Statewide and Regional One Homeless Council for over two years, as well as regularly attending CoC and ESAC meetings, and now serves as the Homeless Advocacy representative to the Maine CoC Board of Directives.  While lacking the formal education in human services and social work, I graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1981 with a BS in Marine Engineering.

My goals are first to apply the leadership skills from my education, 16 years of naval service as an officer, as well as project management skills providing engineering services to Nuclear Power Plants.  An additional goal is of course to bring the perspective as a veteran who has been homeless four times.

I thank all for their consideration for this Tri-chair position.


William E Higgins Jr