Good afternoon!

Thank you again for attending the bite-sized version on our Safe Spaces, Safe Places: Intro to Creating Welcoming Areas for Q+ Folks, created by New Beginnings.  We hope that you were able to learn new and helpful information and that you feel comfortable sharing your new knowledge and skills.  

Attached you will find the Slide Deck, as well as a support document with links to the videos.  (PDFs of the slideshow are not able to support videos but you will have all the links in the support doc).  You can also see the slideshow with videos at (if it goes down, please feel free to message me.)

If you are interested in attending the full presentation coming Fall 2021 and haven’t already signed up for our email list, please let me know!

Also, please know I am here to answer questions if you have something arise or are asked something you are unfamiliar with.  If I don’t know the answer, we will learn together!

Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Elijah Wabnitz

(Any Pronouns Respectfully)- Feel free to share yours

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