Maine’s 2014 Point-in-Time is the last Wednesday in January

How many people are currently homeless in Maine? How many of them are families, youth, or veterans? The answers to these questions and more can be answered by the annual Point-in-Time count. A point-in-time count is an unduplicated count on a single night of the people in a community who are experiencing homelessness that includes both sheltered and unsheltered populations.

Point-in-time counts are important because they establish the dimensions of the problem of homelessness and help policymakers and program administrators track progress toward the goal of ending homelessness. Collecting data on homelessness and tracking progress can inform public opinion, increase public awareness, and attract resources that will lead to the eradication of the problem.

On the local level, point-in-time counts help communities plan services and programs to appropriately address local needs, measure progress in decreasing homelessness, and identify strengths and gaps in a community’s current homelessness assistance system.

If you are interested in participating in the unsheltered count or getting further information about efforts in your community, please contact the following Point in Time point people.

(Note- the following list is as of 1/23/2014 and will be updated as more PIT leads are identified.)