“Read Me First” This is the basic document covering general the basics of how to use of the site. It may not cover everything but should be a good start.

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What is the difference between REGISTER and SUBSCRIBE to the site?”

  • REGISTRATION – When you fill out the REGISTER form in the top button bar you are requesting a user login to allow you to post new items and see any restricted items (if any) that are available to your “permission group”. The questions on the form help to correctly setup your initial permissions.
  • SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL – By entering your email address into the Email Address field in the SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL section of the right hand column and pressing the Subscribe button you are asking to be sent an email notification whenever there is a new posting (article) added to the site.

If you want to both post your own articles and get notification of what others post you will want to both REGISTER and SUBSCRIBE.

It also should be noted you will not receive email announcements for forum posts and calendar events as a result of subscribing.