[This information comes to us from our friend and TA Provider Ben Cattell Noll at ICF. While Ben is the point of contact for signing up for these workshops, please let myself, or the MCOC Chairs know if you are interested so that we can work together to maximize this resource and the potential benefits this information can bring to all of our partner agencies in Maine. Thanks! -Scott]
BEN CATTELL NOLL (He/Him)| Homeless Services Team +1.717.682.8630 mobile |  | icf.com ICF | 9300 Lee Highway Fairfax VA 22031 USA | 

This email is to inform you of a technical assistance opportunity available to your community: HUD’s Community Workshops. The Workshops are an opportunity for technical assistance through group learning, peer to peer exchange, and individualized support from experts. This round of Community Workshops will begin in August and conclude in November, and will require community participants to attend group sessions, engage in one-on-one assistance, or work on their topic area in the community on a weekly basis. The level of engagement, appropriate participants, and any other pre-requisite capacity varies by workshop topic. The topics offered are listed below.

Community Workshop Topics: Fall 2021 Semester
Coordinated Entry: Prioritization and Assessment
Coordinated Entry: Referral Best Practices
HMIS Basics
Mobilizing Data to Address Inequities
Housing Focused Practices: Shelter and Outreach
Partnering with People with Lived Experience of Homelessness
Note: All communities will be expected to participate in a 3-week prerequisite equity foundational workshop prior to the community workshops.

Please see the attached letter from HUD SNAPS Director Norm Suchar and “Community Workshops at a Glance” document for more information.

Registration for the workshops is through me as your Regional TA Point of Contact, and the deadline to register is July 12. Please let me know if you’d like more information about any of these topics. I’d be happy to schedule a call if you’d like to discuss your options more, too! 

Thanks again for all of the hard work you do to end homelessness in Maine!