As stated in my previous message, all new and renewal applications have been approved for inclusion in the 2019 MCOC NOFA Application. However, in the process of reviewing the attached Project Ranking spreadsheet from the Selection Committee prior to posting, the NOFA Committee has noticed an anomaly with the scoring for the MCEDV DV Housing Services Coordinator project score. The score recorded appears highly improbable, so it would seem that there was an error in that scoring. As such, the NOFA Committee is recommending that the Scoring Committee reconvene in order to re-evaluate scoring. Each project will be receiving their individual score information in a separate email today. The NOFA Committee recommends all projects review their score sheets carefully. Any project wanting to appeal their score must do so within 3 business days; by 5PM Wednesday September 18. The process for an appeal can be found in our Governance, Article 10, also attached.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email.

Thank you,