The FY 2017 Continuum of Care (CoC) Consolidated Application (CoC Application and CoC Priority Listing) and project applications are now available in e-snaps at Collaborative Applicants and project applicants can now access the applications to review, update, and enter information that is required for the application process through the FY 2017 CoC Program Competition NOFA.

Submission Deadline: Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time

Project Applicants

  • Returning project applicants can choose to import the FY 2016 renewal project application responses; however, this must be requested during your registration of the Renewal Funding Opportunity in e-snaps and is only available if you submitted a renewal project application in the FY 2016 CoC Program Competition (last year). If you import last year’s responses, be sure to carefully review them to ensure they are still accurate and representative of the project.
  • Project applicants can submit renewal project applications without changes. HUD strongly encourages applicants to wait until HUD posts on the HUD Exchange the FY 2017 Renewal Project Application Detailed Instructions before accessing e-snaps to complete renewal project applications to determine if your organization intends to take advantage of this new function.
  • If this is the first renewal project application for your organization, you must complete the entire renewal project application.
  • All new project applications must complete the entire new project application.

Collaborative Applicants

  • CoC Application and CoC Priority Listing are separate submissions in e-snaps. Collaborative Applicants must submit both parts of the CoC Consolidated Application by the application deadline for HUD to consider the CoC Consolidated Application to be complete.
  • HUD released the Optional Rating and Ranking Tool for the CoC Program Competition via listserv message Friday, July 14, 2017 to help CoCs enhance their abilities to use objective, performance-based scoring criteria for their local competitions. Use of this tool is not required. View the news item announcing the Rating and Ranking Tool.
  • HUD released a new report in the HUD Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX) for each CoC called the “CoC Competition Report.” This report includes the majority of the data reported in HDX needed to complete the FY 2017 CoC Application, including Housing Inventory Count (HIC), Point-in-Time (PIT) count, and System Performance Measures data, in a single report for CoCs to conveniently attach.

Detailed Instructions and Instructional Guides

We anticipate that the detailed instructions and instructional guides will begin appearing on the CoC Program Competition: e-snaps Resources page on the HUD Exchange the week of July 17, 2017 in the following order:

  • Project Applications
    • Renewal
    • New
    • UFA Costs
    • CoC Planning
  • CoC Application
  • CoC Priority Listing

We anticipate that all detailed instructions and instructional guides will be posted by July 31, 2017.

Listserv Communications

All information related to the FY 2017 CoC Program Competition is communicated via the HUD Exchange Mailing List. Join the mailing list to receive important updates and reminders.

If you are aware or suspect that the Collaborative Applicant, CoC members, or interested stakeholders are not currently receiving these listserv messages, please forward the following link,, to them to register for the listserv messages as this is the only form of communication used by HUD to the public.

If you have questions related to subscribing to the HUD Exchange mailing list or have issues receiving listserv messages in your inbox, please contact . Please be sure to add and to your contact list or safe senders list. This ensures that messages from the HUD Exchange go to your inbox and are not filtered to your spam or junk folder.


During the competition, it is critical that questions are submitted to the correct Ask A Question (AAQ) portal.

Questions pertaining to the CoC Program Competition should be submitted to the e-snaps portal. These questions include e-snaps technical issues; questions about the NOFA, CoC Application, CoC Priority Listings, or Project Applications; and questions about grant awards, agreements, or amendments.

To submit a question to the e-snaps AAQ portal, select “e-snaps” from the “My question is related to” drop down list on Step 2 of the question submission process.

If you have questions related to the CoC Program interim rule or a policy related question, please submit your questions to the CoC Program AAQ portal. To submit a question to the CoC Program AAQ portal, select “CoC Program” from the “My question is related to” drop down list on Step 2 of the question submission process.

The AAQ portal accepts question submissions 24/7. However, responses are usually provided between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, except for weekends and federal holidays. Additionally, per the FY 2017 CoC Program Competition NOFA, starting 2 days prior to the application deadline for FY 2017 funds, the AAQ will respond only to emergency technical support questions up to the deadline of Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 8:00 PM EDT.