The attached excel spreadsheet details the recommended Scoring and Ranking results from the 2021 MCoC Selection Committee. All New and Renewal Project Applications were Scored using the appropriate Scoring Tools, previously posted here, and Ranked according the MCoC Ranking Protocols.

This information will be shared and discussed at today’s MCoC meeting and put to a vote for inclusion in this year’s NOFO application. We do not have enough funding available to fully fund all of the applications we received this year.

Per the MCoC Ranking Protocols,  “MCoC reserves the right to adjust the ranking of any project in order to take advantage of Bonus Funding or Bonus Points made available by HUD.” MCoC may also adjust Ranking to address Gaps and Needs, and MCoC or HUD Priorities. However, adjustments to Ranking will not change the amount of funding that is available.

Therefore, in the interest of maximizing available CoC funding and creating additional projects which benefit the various populations served by our Continuum, the MCoC may ask new project applicants to look at and adjust their budgets so that our Continuum can fund as many new applications as possible, while still ensure that those projects are feasible. If the full MCoC makes such a recommendation, we would ask that new projects work with the NOFO Committee to revisit their budgets and begin making adjustments as soon as possible.