Confronting Maine’s Opioid Crisis

Monday, March 6, 2017
9:00 am – 3:30 pm at the Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine

With the enactment of PL 488, as part of the State’s comprehensive efforts to address the opioid crisis, Maine has now joined an elite group of states to earn a “Making Progress” distinction from the National Safety Council, the highest ranking bestowed by the Council in its Prescription Nation report.

This conference will feature two of the National Safety Council’s influential physicians as speakers who will provide insight into how we can stop these highly addictive painkillers from flooding our communities, alternative treatments for pain management along with evidence-based tapering options for those already prescribed opioids. The conference will also feature breakout sessions with Maine experts from multiple sectors reviewing the latest research, information, and initiatives being put into practice all across Maine in multiple sectors. Participants will gain information they will be able to put into practice and learn how they fit into the overall efforts to end Maine’s opioid crisis.

Continuing education will be available. More details and information on registration will be coming soon!