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Veteran Strategic Planning Session on October 25, 2016

This posting is from Adria Horn, the Director of the Bureau of Maine Veteran Services:

On October 25th from 9am to 3pm, I invite you to join us for a deliberate, strategic planning session about ending veteran homelessness in Maine. Most of you are already working on this in various capacities but the Statewide Homeless Council and I have specific directives from the Maine State Legislature to address this issue in a holistic way which includes all those who are and are not part of the Continuums of Care. This is a community effort and I hope you can review the attached bare bones informational briefing to set the stage for our planning session.

All your current efforts are to be inclusively used as part of this greater collaborative and to only give credit where credit is most certainly due.

Please let me know if someone should be invited who is not on this list. Additionally, please let me know if more/better/different information should be included in this briefing. Again, this briefing is just to inform the great planning effort. Craig Freshley from Good Group Decisions will be the Strategic Planning Facilitator for this event.

I look forward to working with all of you on this incredibly important issue.  Please RSVP NLT October 20th.


My best,


Adria Horn


Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services

117 State House Station

Augusta, Maine 04333

Phone: 207-430-6035

MaineHousing Homeless Rule

From Cindy Namer,

Director of Homeless Initiatives at MaineHousing:

Good Afternoon,

As discussed at the various stakeholder meetings, Statewide Homeless and Regional Homeless Councils, MaineHousing will be amending the Homeless Rule and has begun the Rulemaking process. The process will include distributing three separate documents that cover sections of the Rule that we will be amending. The sections will cover;

  1. Eligible Applicants and Emergency Housing Standards
  2. Allocation and Disbursements
  3. Data, Reporting and Monitoring

(Please click on the link, below, for the details)

Homeless Rule Concepts I

We are seeking your feedback and input to the concepts we will be proposing and have established a timeline for release and draft of the new proposed Rule. The first section will be released March 18th; the second section April 10th; and the third section May 8th. We will be drafting the Rule in June and a Public Hearing will soon follow. We are hoping that the final Board approval and acceptance will be completed by the end of October.

The first section for comment is attached and all documents will also be posted on our website as well as the website.

ALL comments and feedback should be directed to       Thank You

Important notice- Update Re:Private Documents on this site

UPDATE 6/24/2014 – Not as bad as we thought.

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We have had help from the FireFox folks to help evaluate and understand the problem outlined below. It seems that the issue is being caused by persistent cookies.


The Problem –This post is to make you aware of a newly discovered “bug” in the intended functionality for this site. The intent and functionality when this site was launched was to allow some documents and postings to be limited to some groups.

It has been discovered that this functionality no longer works as expected with some newer versions of the FireFox browser. (It works as expected in IE, Chrome, and Safari)

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