“Read Me First”: This document includes some general information on how to use the site. It does not cover everything, but it should be a good start.

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What is the difference between SUBSCRIBE and REGISTER to the site?”

  • SUBSCRIBE – By entering your email address in the SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL box on the right hand side of the Home page, and pressing the Subscribe button, you are asking to be sent an email notification whenever there is a new post added to the site. This is a great way to stay informed and up-to-date on all the topics covered by the site without having to keep checking back in for the latest news.
      • If you subscribe from an agency email system and do not begin to receive automatic notifications of new posts, please check with you agency’s IT department – they can usually fix issue this quickly and easily. 
      • Subscribe to this website by filling out the form in the footer of this page. 
  • REGISTER – If you need to be able to post items to the site – for example, if you are the Chair or Secretary of a Committee and need to post information about meetings, or if you are a member of a committee that uses the site to share draft documents, then you should fill out the REGISTER form via the link in the top button bar.
      • When you REGISTER, you are requesting a user account, with a password protected login that will allow you to post new items to the site and to see items that may only be available to your “permission group”, such as a particular committee. The questions on the form will help to correctly setup your initial permissions.
      • Registrations must be approved by the site administrators, who may contact you to clarify your need for this level of access. Maine Homeless Planning is a publicly accessible site, so we need to be sure all information shared here is appropriate and relevant.
      • Request a user account by filling out the form here

A couple of other important things to remember:

  • SUBSCRIBE and REGISTER are two very different functions. You can Subscribe without Registering – most people do this. If you Register, you should also subscribe – it is not automatic.
  • Posts only to specific Discussion Forums and events added to the Calendar do NOT generate automatic notifications for Subscribers.