Leveraging and State Executive Order information for Project Applicants

The Maine CoC is still in need of $792,221 in leveraging for the 2013 HUD competitive application process.  Please refer to the  Leveraging Spreadsheet Column J for each projects total leveraging contribution:  Leveraging Spreadsheet 1-17-14

HUD will award up to 5 points to CoCs that demonstrate the extent to which the amount of assistance to be provided to the CoC will be supplemented with resources from other public and private sources including mainstream programs. CoCs that have 100% participation in all project applications (including only those projects that have commitment letter(s) on file that are dated within 60 days of the CoC application deadline and that have a minimum of 150% leveraging will receive the maximum points.

The following document provides HUD’s definition and example of in-kind leveraging

Leverage 101 with letter forAll CoC Projects UPDATED 11 15 12 (2)

It is important that each project provide leveraging for the 2013 application.  If your agency is able to adjust the amount of leveraging in your project application, please e-mail me at   and I will release your project application back to you.  Released project applications must be re-submitted in e-snaps NO LATER THAN Friday, January 24, 2014 at 5:00 pm.

In addition,  projects requested the link to State Executive Order 12372 Process.


Thank you!

CoC Project Ranking Notification

The MCOC Steering and Project/Monitoring Committees have completed the ranking process for the 2013 application and the link to the results is below. The Steering and Project/Monitoring Committees carefully considered HUD’s priorities, as well as its own priorities which were adopted earlier by the MCOC.  Those priorities include, reduction of SSO and services funded by HUD, reducing TH and the future expansion of PSH and RRH, bonus for not placing SSO’s in Tier 1, points for performance based projects and significant plans for solving homelessness.  The MCOC also recognizes that TH for youth, domestic violence and veterans are a priority and were tiered accordingly.  The Steering Committee made a recommendation to the MCOC using a template that ranked projects based on HUD’s priorities, MCOC’s priorities, along with performance in order to maximize the most of its available dollars. The results were presented to, and voted on for approval by the MCoC at the monthly meeting on the 16th.

 Please feel free to contact Virgina Dill, Donna Kelley or Heather Rhoda, if you should have questions regarding the ranking process.

 Copy of 2013-COC-Project-Ranking-FINAL-1-16-14

Reminder: MCOC Meeting Thursday 1-16-14

IMPORTANT additional information for today’s MCOC meeting!!!

Portland and Presque Isle Teleconferencing sites are not available today.  Folks who would use those sites, or are otherwise not able to travel to sites in Augusta, Bangor or Farmington are encourage to call in. The conference line number is 1-866-316-1519 and the code is 9284295#

Below are links to additional documents we will be reviewing at the meeting today. Please print, or have access to these electronically during the meeting.

MCOC-Agenda- 1-16-14

Maine COC Ranking Chart 1-14-14

MCOC Governance with approved revisions 6 2013

Joint CoC Governance Charter Final Jan 2014

CoC Recusal Statement

MCoC – Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Policy 12 2013

And, as previously posted, MCOC-DRAFT-Minutes 12-19-13


Continuum of Care Program Competition Resource Updates

FY 2013 – FY 2014 Continuum of Care Program Competition Resource Update

  • Today, HUD posted the resource, Additional Guidance for Questions 3A, Objectives 1 through 4 to respond to specific questions on Section 3A. CoC Performance and Strategic Planning Objectives. The information posted provides additional detail on the source, date range and filters to apply for each of the data elements required in Section 3A. There is no additional guidance for Objective 5 at this point since we have not received any questions or requests to further clarify the objective.
  • To assist CoCs to provide HUD the final approved Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and Point-in-Time (PIT) count data from HUD’s Homeless Data Exchange (HDX), HUD will post PDFs with this data for each CoC. The data in the spreadsheet reflects what was officially submitted to HUD via the HDX, and is what HUD will use in the assessment process. This data should be available no later than Thursday, January 16, 2013 and will be located on the CoC Program Competition Resources page.

Statewide Homeless Council Meeting 1-14-14

This is a reminder that the Statewide Homeless Council will be meeting this Tuesday from 9:30 to 2:00 at MaineHousing in Augusta, with a conference call number available for those not able to attend in person. For more information and materials for the meeting please click on the following:

SHC DRAFT Agenda 1-14-14

DRAFT SHC Lewiston Auburn ForumForum minutes 12-10-13

White Paper – MaineCare Homeless Waiver

MH Council HUD Continuum of Care Grants

ME Hosp Council Guidelines for the Discharge of the Homeless Patient

SHC DRAFT Minutes 11-12-13




PIT Street Outreach Forms

The annual Point-in-Time Survey takes place in late January each year. This year, the Maine Continuum of Care and the Portland Continuum of Care, with support from MaineHousing, will be conducting the Point-in-Time on the night of January 29th, 2014.

Outreach is a critical component of the Point-in-Time. We depend upon local efforts to organize teams of volunteers to seek out and connect with those who are not staying in regular shelters. They may be sleeping in their cars, camping out in the woods, or staying in other places that are not suitable for regular habitation.

These forms are provided to inform that effort and should be used by outreach groups when performing the count on that night.

Unsheltered Count Form for Night of Count – this form should be used for the street outreach piece of the PIT to count those persons who are staying in a place not meant for habitation.

PIT unstably housed form – this form can be used [optional] to record persons who are unstably housed. This information will not be included in the literally homeless count reported to HUD, but will be collected and recorded by MaineHousing.

PIT non- HMIS participating form – this form should be used by those emergency shelters, transitional housing projects, and safe havens who do not use the HMIS to record their client stays and who would like to have their clients included in the PIT count reported to HUD.

These forms can be photocopied in color (color indicated on top of form) in order to distinguish between forms and make the data collection process easier. If you would prefer to have these forms copied in color and sent to you, please contact Kelly Watson at Maine Housing.

Reminder Renewal Applications Due by 5:00 pm today

If have not yet completed your renewal application for the Maine CoC NOFA application, this is a reminder that it is due by 5:00 pm today.   Here is a listing of the 22 projects that have been submitted as of 12:00 pm today:

City of Bangor: PRA Northside, TRA Consolidated 8714, 8715, 8715

OHI Chalila Apartments

Maine HMIS

Maine Planning Grant

YCS Smith Transitional, Within, and Brand New Day

KBH Mid Maine Supported Housing

Millbridge Harbor

Tedford 19 Pleasant St.

Maine 1-13, 2-13, SB SH 13, Penobscot 1-13, SB YCS 13

CHOM Permanent Housing for Homeless Veterans

Shaw House: Tenant Education, Waterworks, Outreach

1.08.14 Region 3 Homeless Council AGENDA

Region 3 Homeless Council Monthly Meeting – AGENDA

103 Texas Ave, Bangor Health and Community Services

January 8, 2014 – 2:00 to 4:00 pm Note time change this meeting only

Conference call  #1.877.455.0244; passcode: 2073564836#


2:00-2:10 Welcome/Introductions (sign-in sheet), adjustments to the agenda

2:10-2:30 Statewide Homeless Council update

2:30 -3:15 Discussion Topics:

1.  Pressing issues in Region III

2.  Efforts at ending long term homelessness – Long term stayers

3.  Recommendations to Statewide Homeless Council

3:15-3:30 Regional Council take on MaineCare expansion with local representatives.

3:30-3:40 State and Federal Updates

2:40-2:45 Nomination process for Chair

3:45-4:00 Agency updates – Including a review of numbers of people who are homeless at each facility/program

Set Agenda for the Next Meeting:  (2/12/14, 1-3pm) same location