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2017 MCOC NOFA Information for New and Renewal Applicants

The Maine Continuum of Care is pleased to announce that we are accepting New and Renewal Project Applications for the FY2017 Continuum of Care Program Competition.

Any agency that intends to submit an application for either a New or a Renewal Project must read the full NOFA announcement, and any and all additional guidance from HUD in order to be fully informed of the requirements and processes involved. More information can be found at the HUD Exchange website:

For any potential New Project applicants, please be aware that MaineHousing will not be providing “Match” funding for New Construction or Acquisition & Rehab (“Bricks & Mortar”) Projects in conjunction with this year’s Continuum of Care competition. If you wish to develop such a project you must secure Match funding from other sources.

The following materials include a Maine Summary of information related to the NOFA and this competition, Highlights of new information and changes from prior competitions, and copies of the Scoring tools that will be used for New and Renewal Applications. Projects will be ranked according to Score, with Renewal Projects prioritized above New Projects.





Reminder of the MCoC Meeting November 17, 2016 from 1:00-3:00 pm

This is a reminder of this month’s meeting.  Below you will find links to the MCoC Agenda, request letter for MCoC Project Change of Use letter, various meeting minutes and updates that were discussed at the last meeting or will be discussed in the meeting Thursday:











Last month’s minutes will be sent out on Wed. with a reminder of the meeting the next day.


Follow up from today’s MCoC Meeting

Good afternoon,

There are two follow up items from today’s meeting.

  1. HUD APR’s: There were questions on APR due dates. In August, HUD sent out a notice about FY2014 APR Submission deadlines. The link is:
  2.  At the end of the meeting, there was discussion that was cut off about the Rural Peer Network Opportunity Application due November 1.  This would allow the MCoC to be enhance their efforts to identify youth during the 2017 PIT Count.  There are 3 phases to this project and Phase 1 (regarding youth PIT count) involves monthly remote meetings/peer learning.  There was a suggestion that Steering Committee would review the materials below and conduct an emergency vote.  If you have feedback please direct to a Steering Committee Member. Here is the description and application: