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Draft Homeless Rule and Notice of Public Hearing

The links below are to the final draft of the new Homeless Rule and the Notice of Public Hearing, which contains information with the details on how to provide comment, deadlines and the date of the Public Hearing. Please share this with all interested parties and membership of the Statewide Homeless Council and Regional Homeless Councils.

Homeless Solutions Rule as Approved by the Board 6-30-15

Notice of Agency Rule-making

System upgrade Sunday the 5th

This site will be down for an operating system upgrade Sunday, October 5th at about 11PM.  It will be offline for approximately 30-40 minutes during this upgrade. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Important notice- Update Re:Private Documents on this site

UPDATE 6/24/2014 – Not as bad as we thought. The good news is that this should mean that under normal conditions the private content on the site should stay private. This issue has only been replicated on  on machines where the user has previously logged into the site using their username and password. It seems that even after you log out the site your machine may “remember” you. We have had help from the FireFox folks to help evaluate and understand the problem outlined below. It seems that the issue is being caused by persistent cookies.
  The Problem –This post is to make you aware of a newly discovered “bug” in the intended functionality for this site. The intent and functionality when this site was launched was to allow some documents and postings to be limited to some groups. It has been discovered that this functionality no longer works as expected with some newer versions of the FireFox browser. (It works as expected in IE, Chrome, and Safari) Other than the noted problem regarding limiting document access, the site is working as it should. How does this impact what is done on this site? – It means that all documents are potentially available to any user who chooses to view that posting or document.  Given the way this site has been used up to now that should not be a major issue. Existing Documents – If you have any documents which you wish to remove as a result of this change in functionality please let us know by putting in a help request with details of what you would like removed. What we have done – We have done a number of troubleshooting tests to test the issue and rule out issues specific to this site which might be causing it.  The change in the look is one of these tests. We have returned the site to standard look (theme) that is provided by WordPress to rule out a theme specific problem and disabled all unneeded features to test if one of those was the problem. Where we stand – We have put in bug reports and await any resolution from WordPress or FireFox to resolve this problem.  Sorry for the inconvenience,

HMIS Data Quality Workshop – Boston, May 12, 2014

Sponsored by HUD; co-sponsored by NERHMIS

 Please save the date for a free day-long workshop on HMIS data quality led by HUD technical assistance staff from Abt Associates and Cloudburst.  The workshop is intended for HMIS and CoC staff in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Participants will:
  • Understand the core components and processes of a data quality (DQ) program
  • Understand the purpose, scope, and content of a DQ plan and DQ monitoring plan
  •  Identify key obstacles to improving their DQ and establishing consistent DQ monitoring and corrective action processes
  • Complete a draft outline of a DQ plan relevant to their local implementation that includes plan options, recommendations for CoC Board/stakeholders, and an action plan to complete and execute their new (or updated) DQ plan.
Where: Thomas P. O’Neill Federal Building, 10 Causeway Street, Boston, MA 02222 Additional information and registration details will be sent to HMIS and CoC contacts soon.

Get involved – Maine’s 2014 Point-in-Time street count

Maine’s 2014 Point-in-Time is the last Wednesday in January

How many people are currently homeless in Maine? How many of them are families, youth, or veterans? The answers to these questions and more can be answered by the annual Point-in-Time count. A point-in-time count is an unduplicated count on a single night of the people in a community who are experiencing homelessness that includes both sheltered and unsheltered populations. Point-in-time counts are important because they establish the dimensions of the problem of homelessness and help policymakers and program administrators track progress toward the goal of ending homelessness. Collecting data on homelessness and tracking progress can inform public opinion, increase public awareness, and attract resources that will lead to the eradication of the problem. On the local level, point-in-time counts help communities plan services and programs to appropriately address local needs, measure progress in decreasing homelessness, and identify strengths and gaps in a community’s current homelessness assistance system. If you are interested in participating in the unsheltered count or getting further information about efforts in your community, please contact the following Point in Time point people. (Note- the following list is as of 1/23/2014 and will be updated as more PIT leads are identified.)

HUD’s FY2013-FY2014 Continuum of Care Competition – Strategies for Success Webinar

The link at the bottom is to the recording of the webinar held 12/12/2013 . There are a number of must have suggestions.  “USICH held a webinar for communities on strategies to succeed in this year’s HUD Continuum of Care program competition.  In this year’s competition, HUD has made some important changes to the competition and NOFA—changes which will continue and accelerate progress on ending homelessness.” Click here to see the HUD’s FY2013-FY2014 Continuum of Care Competition – Strategies for Success Webinar

Registering from gmail and yahoo email addresses UPDATE is working.

We may have this issues resolved but if you register and do not receive a response in a day or two please  go to and post a ‘help request saying that you have registered to make sure we get it.. We have discovered that the Help and Registration forms are not correctly processing entries where the email address is a or address. (we do not get the notice that there is a registration pending) As far as we can test this is limited to just those two email providers. We are working on identifying and fixing this. Until it is resolved, if you want to register for the mainehomelessplanning site and have an email address that ends in or please register using the the registration form then also go to and post a ‘help request saying that you have registered to make sure we get it. More when we know more.